About Off The Wall

Off the Wall was set up with one objective in mind: to make contemporary, modern art enjoyable, accessible, and affordable to all. We wanted to do away with the pretensions of the art world and the gallery scene, and provide a place where nobody need feel excluded from encountering some truly beautiful pieces of art, before buying them to adorn the walls of their own home.

Finding the perfect piece of art

“I may not know much about art, but I know what I like,” the old saying goes, and we see nothing wrong with that at Off the Wall. While we have our team of experts on hand to explain any given work, or discuss how the artist created the piece, sometimes artwork just grabs you without rhyme or reason.

Our art is sourced from all over the world, direct from the artists, whom we personally meet with in order to share their vision and passion. Some are already known in the art world, while others have yet to make their mark, but all must meet our high standards before we consider them for Off the Wall.

So whether you’re buying a piece as an education, an investment, or because you've fallen in love with it, we can help you choose the ideal work of art for your home.

Buy art online

All our works of art are available to buy online, and are framed, wrapped, and packaged to the highest possible standard, so you are guaranteed to receive it in top condition.

Visit the art gallery

Off the Wall is housed in the Old Probate Registry in Llandaff, a beautiful building designed by John Pritchard in 1857. Part of the Gothic Revival school of architecture, it has an elaborate and imposing design, being as much of a work of art as the items we have on display in the art gallery.

So why not come visit us, and enjoy the juxtaposition of modern, contemporary art amid the neo-Gothic splendour of Victorian architecture? Our experienced gallery managers, Richard and Cassie, would be only too pleased to have a chat with you about the works we have on display.

Apply to be exhibited

We regularly add new work to the art gallery, and are always interesting in new and exciting contemporary artists. If you wish to apply to be exhibited at Off the Wall get in touch with us with the gallery manager cassandra.jones@galleryoffthewall.com

There has never been a better time to buy original, stunning art for your home. Call us today and let us find the ideal piece of art for you.