Trudie Dyer

All artists have their own language, through which they enter into a three-cornered dialogue, between themselves, the medium, and the viewer. For Trudie, that language is the wild abandon of abstract expressionism. The dots and dashes, broken lines and splashed colour, the flat planes and wild swoops, the scrapes and daubs and scratchings-out. There are elements that suggest the natural world, but the viewer is invited to seek recognition, and to relinquish it, at the same time.

Every painting begins with letting go. Letting go of preconceived ideas, letting go of fear, letting go of the need to control, letting go of everything. That's the place where the magic starts. As the painting builds itself, each layer of colour and texture informs the next layer, and there is a visible push-pull between the chaos of the process, and the control of the artist.

Trudie prefers working on large scale canvases, which invite you to immerse yourself in the painting. She is a self-taught artist, who lives and works within a stone's throw of the sea, in Pembrokeshire. Her background in textiles and fashion is apparent in her work, which is characterised by a bold and intuitive use of colour.