Stuart Ellis

Stuart’s paintings are based on the mood, atmosphere and light effects of the subject.

Music is also another great inspirer, from Bach to Hendrix, all creating a mood that is expressed through his work.

‘A reflection in water, a shaft of light, how I am feeling at a particular moment are translated through colour and movement onto the canvas.
In some of my work there is a serene calm in others a threatening storm, these are drawn from what I have seen or emotions I have experienced, never knowing which direction the work will take until pencil connects with paper or brush hits the canvas.’

Born in Wolverhampton UK, Stuart trained at Walsall school of Art.
After his studies he entered the world of advertising as a visualiser/designer,
then as art director working in several UK Midlands Advertising Agencies.
For over 20 years he worked as a freelance graphic designer, he has now been painting full time since 2000.