Robert Sawtell

Robert Sawtell has been painting and drawing since an early age in watercolour and oils and mixed media. He spent his childhood in a farmhouse in the County of Shropshire, walking the hills of Shropshire and mid Wales. He studied art under the instruction of the marine/landscape painter John Alford whilst at Shrewsbury School. He attended the University of Northumbria at Newcastle and gained a BA (Honours) Degree in Fine Art in 1986.

He specialises in Marine, Landscape and Architectural subjects.

He worked as an Architectural delineator for a number of notable Architectural firms for over fifteen years in London and the West coast of the United States in Los Angeles, San Diego and Seattle. He specifically worked under the instruction of the internationally renowned Canadian Architectural delineator Douglas E. Jamieson whilst based in Los Angeles, and completed the drawings for final illustrations published in US Architectural publications as well as other publications and exhibitions.

He considers drawing an integral part of the painting process and key to fully understanding a subject. His considered influences are Pierre Bonnard, Claude Monet, Camile Pissaro, JW Turner, Nicholas Verral, David Curtis, John Alford, William Ritzchel, Stanley Spencer, Piranezzi, Hugh Ferris, Christopher Blossom, Joseph Mcgurl and Douglas E. Jamieson.