Rhys Burgess

Born in the South Wales valleys, Illustrator Rhys Burgess became fascinated and inspired by the natural world around him at an early age. Most of his adolescence was spent venturing the welsh landscape which helped foster his imagination and fuel his curiosity around the nature of existence. This fascination between the mind and reality, combined with a love for drawing lead him to pursue art.

In 2016, Rhys graduated with a BA (hons) in Illustration at Hereford College of Arts and won “The Silvia Dorsett Memorial Award in Illustration". Since then he has largely found work through commissions parallel to ongoing personal projects.

Typically, Rhys uses ink as his primary medium to depict and explore conceptual ideas through imaginative and detailed drawings. He creates contrasted peices of black and white, playing with shades of light and dark through various mark making techniques. Artists which inspire and influence his style are the likes of Colin See Paynton, M.C.Esher, Angus Miller Parker, Robin Tanner and Charles Turzak.