Phillip Alder

Phil studied fine art and economics at Hull College of Education in the late 1960’s at a time of fierce debate over the validity of abstract art against urban realisms. This was tricky for him as his primary source was rural. He moved to west Wales and continued his studies into art history.
Apart from his family and art Phil has 3 principle passions: stories and history, walking, gardens and gardening and these passions most often find their way into his paintings which seek to evoke the experience of a particular place at a particular time.
Off the Wall are currently holding important examples where the story of place are abstracted into paint and very recent paintings where his garden near Carmarthen are evoked.
He is very lucky to live in a beautiful wooded valley (although sadly suffering from ash dieback) and to have always had a large garden of fruit trees, flowers and vegetables, and at one time, beekeeping. He lives with trees as a constant backdrop.
Until the late 1980’s Phil Alder made his living from lecturing and painting, it was also a period when he began publishing essays on art criticism. Most of his finished paintings from this period sold and several found their way into public collections.
When he became the second county arts officer appointed in Wales he did not stop painting but his other professional activities, from which he has now recently largely retired, meant his opportunities and time to exhibit and promote became more restricted.
His work is once again available and he still writes and publishes occasional essays on art and criticism.