Nicola Yeoman

Nicola lives  in Cardiff with her husband and 3 sons. She works both as an artist and Head of an Art and Photography Department in a Newport Secondary school. Over the last 18 years she has traveled in countries as diverse as Hong Kong, Thailand, Cyprus and America, and has been overwhelmed by the vivid colours and flamboyant forms found in these cultures, and which she  tries recreate in her work today.

“The colour and energy of nature is mesmerizing and beautiful – it gives us the ability to lose ourselves in the eternal places around us.

Landscapes are not just exact representations of a place – they conjure up memories, emotions and history – they are timeless.

Colour and abstraction have always drawn me toward cultural variety, and the people who inhabited these places before us.”

‘New Beginnings’ marks a change for me both personally and artistically – a re engagement with place and a revaluation of my life.”