Nick Davies

After having an extensive career working in the media industry, Nick has spent the past ten years developing her own portfolio of images relating to the landscape.  As her arts practice has developed, Nick has become fascinated with the micro world of nature.

She is greatly inspired by the landscape and her chosen coastal environment contributes to her practice as a visual artist.

Nick has been influenced to paint both larger more representational landscapes and also inspired to look more in depth at reflections of light in moving water and in rock formations which create a more abstract feel to the very textural paintings.   ‘Reflection’ and a development of a ‘Reflective Journey’ was the focus forher MA Arts Practice Degree (Fine Art), at the University of South Wales from 2013 – 2015.

Developing from painting, an exploration into using combined embossed lino printmaking, photography and semi-sculptural/sculpture techniques are used to capture the multi dimensional elements of nature: transcribing changing patterns revealed from reflected water patterns, the flow of a waterfall, dappled light, casting of shadows, shaping and forming of rolling pebbles.  

In wishing to create an evolving theme, the subject of a reflective journey has initiated narratives for projects chronicling visits and research from mapping different landscapes.  The consideration for a new body of work is to further explore transience and renewal in nature through the passing of time.  

It is with this combination of traditional and new technologies that a new body of work seeks to draw attention to the more physical aspects of fragility and strength in the natural world.