Monjulee Webb

Monjulee is a Welsh/Malaysian/Bengali-Indian female artist.  She was born in Malaysia of Bengali-Indian parents, and moved to Wales, UK in 1994. It is here in Wales that she began to paint in earnest and to exhibit and sell her work. But it was in India, where she started to first become interested in painting – inspired by the Ajanta cave paintings in Western India. Since living in Wales she has travelled in more than 90 countries, browsed and bought in many galleries and been influenced by many cultures and artists. She finds inspiration in British, especially Welsh, landscapes; the town and cityscapes of Europe; the brooding density of tropical rain forests; and rivers, boats and seascapes wherever they are found.

She is a figurative painter, but some of her work is semi-figurative and almost semi-abstract. Shapes, colour and tones excite her, and they are sometimes more readily grasped in a semi-abstract painting.

Her paintings are in many collections.