Millie Gleeson

Millie Gleeson is based in the West Country and is a young artist with huge potential. Her works are vibrant, dominated by a strong female form and perfused with a kaleidoscope of colours.

Some of my paintings are from photos of myself, while others I have made up to act out different characters and emotions. This is because I like to be involved in all creative aspects of my work, and I am interested in what the body can become.

I like to keep a theatrical element through out my work by making images with a strong presence. At the moment I paint with acrylic, spray paint, button polish and anything else I can get my hands on, as I will continue to explore different materials and methods." MG

While the majority of her early works were on wood, Millie now produces works on canvas, a medium that both she and her images have taken to and that accentuates her creative skills. Her works have a look that is easy to recognise – once seen, never forgotten. It is not just the subject matter and strong use of colours that leave a lasting impression; it is the ‘relaxed’ effect of her brush strokes that exudes a confidence beyond her years.

Millie attributes this style to the fact that she always paints outdoors, allowing a freedom of movement that would be constrained by the enclosed space of a studio.