Miles Johal

Miles Johal is an Abstract Artist based in Devon. He is currently exploring abstract and contemporary styles focusing on the use of vivid, vibrant colours and texture to create his dramatic pieces. Miles currently works out of his studio in Exeter and is exhibiting in up and coming galleries such as 'Radius68' and 'Off The Wall'.

Artist Statement: ''I very much enjoy abstract painting as I had previously found realism too limiting and formulaic. My abstract paintings begin and develop from no preconceived ideas or compositions and thus, what is created does not come from thinking but from somewhere within. I feel creating in this manner gives works produced a special uniqueness and character. Many of my pieces, in their composition, are not recognisable as anything you may see with the naked eye but subjectively each individual viewer may see something different and unique to themselves. When I paint I am trying to capture what lies beyond the realms of our everyday world and what is removed from our perception and present that mystery to you on the canvas.''