Maja Grecic

To Maja the meaning of painting considers, above all, an empty surface, that then becomes a space in which one seeks and reaches the formula of some kind of enlightenment and symbolical self-inclusion to the process of life, through the magical appeal of the unknown. This attitude involves complete openness that leads to fusion of two spaces, spiritual and physical. The tension that rises from this dichotomy, from the confrontation of internal and external, is the seed to a constant generation of exciting visual substances. They vary between associative-abstract, figurative and symbolic. Thus, it is a unique eloquence that fuses them together in an organic whole. The visual language of Maja is founded, upon all, in the intensive, yet sensitive colouring. At the same time, it represents a complex system of morphological processes that involve a constant movement and dialectical growth. In this visual idea nothing is final. The semantic game of searching and revealing is happening within her works as a perpetual cycle of creation and reshaping. At the same time, they keep within the authentic excitement of creation projected on the viewer, and bring one inside this dynamic and suggestive process.