Kathryn Edwards

Kathryn was born in Tredegar, in a mining community in the Sirhowy valley region of South Wales. The area is a contrast of dramatic mountain; moor land and forestry landscapes overlaid with the manmade but equally dramatic structures of the bygone industrial age of iron and coal mining, quarrying and steel production. The industrial frenzy that the area experienced for decades was very much in decline during her early years and she believes that growing up surrounded by amazing countryside punctuated by the aftermath of heavy industry enhanced her appreciation of how nature ultimately absorbs the scars, presenting a new, more diverse and unique beauty.

Her favourite medium for painting is oil on canvas using brush and pallet knife techniques. The challenge of capturing the subject’s contrasts of differing texture and form and how changing light impacts on the image to create the illusion of depth and dimension continues to fascinate her with each new project.

Whilst she would say her style of painting is quite traditional, she appreciates many modern more abstract works by artists such as Swansea based Katie Allen’s dreamlike forests and gardens and American artist, Gregory Lang and his colourful and majestic cityscapes.

As Kathryn grows in skill and confidence, she hopes to experiment with more abstract works which would allow for a freer painting style and more textured work. Kathryn has recently been selling very well abroad.