Karen Hughes

Karen loves the human figure and the way we see and feel about ourselves. She creates through the media of ceramics and paintings but often mix many other materials with her work such as beads and wire. Different cultures often influence her work as well as current trends for interiors and fashion. Her latest ceramic work is about objects that we might have a connection with. Dolls have been part of human life for thousands of years. We have used dolls throughout our history for symbolizing fertility to being a basic loved toy. Watching her own daughter play with her dolls reminded her of her own childhood connection with dolls. We now learn by playing with dolls, roll playing, dressing them up, mothering them etc. A point comes in our lives when we no longer need or want dolls to play with – is this maturity? Primitive humans used dolls more in adulthood? Karen’s ceramic dolls are fun but she hope they make the viewer think about the relationship we have with objects that simulate ourselves and help to mould our personalities. It is interesting that anything other than pretty decoration can immediately change the doll to look sinister to us. She has exhibited in numerous Galleries including The Washington Gallery - Penarth, Arts Central – Barry, The Rhonda Heritage Park – Rhonda, Clair’s Gallery – The Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. Member of The Vale of Glamorgan Artists V.O.G.A.