Jacqueline Alkema

Jacqueline’s paintings are the product of an intellectual thought process leading to a visualisation of an inner state. The starting point for any piece of her work is the imagination which is triggered by reading, research or working from life.

The female figure with at times awkward poses is a predominant feature in her work.
Paintings develop through experimentation and intuition but with an awareness and control of the media used. Working in oil and mixed media Jacqueline uses layer’s of materials combined with painting techniques to create a physical and emotional depth. The use of collage is something she frequently returns too in her work.
Paintings quite often deal with confinement and restriction and themes of domesticity and sexuality (My Mother's Sewing Box' series). Childhood memories and emotional experiences are also recurring themes in her paintings.

Highly commended Welsh Artist of the Year 2010 & 2011