Hayley Murphy

Hayley Murphy is an abstact, seascape and mixed media artist from Manchester that creates paintings with a sense of escaping to paradise. Inspired by nature, landscapes, narrative and memories, Hayley creates stunning abstract canvases using striking colours, that connect with the senses and evoke moods, feelings and emotions.

Hayley enjoys the freedom to explore self expression and the therapeutic process of gathering her thoughts and expressing herself through her artwork. After specialising in Art and Design subjects at school, Hayley then went on to Art college graduating from The University of Salford with a 1st class Visual Arts hons Degree in 2014. However, since leaving University her work has changed which she feels is down to living in an ever evolving world. Ideas change, inspirations change, people change and after spending sometime in Australia earlier this year Hayley, began to focus on creating work with a focus on scale, colour and abstract forms. Australia was both an eye opening and life changing personal journey for Hayley that has given her the confidence to take a huge leap and explore working in a large sized scale with a variety of mediums. Hayley hopes that her paintings provide a sense of peace and happiness to others. Inspired by nature, the sea and the senses, she depicts abstract forms through stunning fluid movements using vibrant colours. Hayley finishes her work off with a coat of either varnish or resin which reflects light off the surface and also provides a protective coating to the painting.