Gerallt Hughes

Gerallt Hughes is an artist based in North Wales specialising in contemporary artwork and Illustration. He attained a Masters’ Degree at Manchester Metropolitan University in Design and Art Direction which provided him with a broad technical and artistic background, having previously gained a BA Degree there in Fine Art. Gerallt has worked in a number of different media, including ink, paint, photography and digital media. He does observational drawings/paintings as well as expressing conceptual ideas in his work. Themes have included old mythologies that address modern pre-occupations such as globalisation, religion, politics and collective modern anxiety. His work also explores the more personal themes of love, the absence of it, adultery, re-birth and mortality. “Art in all forms is a medium for exploration and expression by individuals, but ultimately, for the enjoyment, curiosity, and response of those who view the finished article. The possibilities are diverse, challenging and endless”