Gemma Blain

Blain's work involves the enigmatic dialogue between the tangible world around us and absolute devotion to unfettered personal expression free of all traditional aesthetic and social values, these works are more about the absence of premeditated structure.  Driven by intuition, each painting an unplanned journey, exploring the physicality of paint and surface to build a range of evocative atmospheres. Impetuous splatters and sculptural layers of paint invite viewers to soak in these melancholic emotive and ethereal surroundings. Bewitching use of colour lends realistic renditions of seascape qualities whilst whimsical abstraction creates a subtle, suggestive landscape. The evanescence of memory seems to whisper through these pieces, revealing hidden depths of her own experience. 

The consolidated palette and marks elude to a dialogue where the emotional intensity is imbued within the work, which is a result of a sustained investigation into charting her own reactions to the natural world that surrounds us.