Eloise Govier

GALLERIES in London, New York and Tokyo are charging thousands of pounds for works by a young Welsh artist whose images of Wales evoke memories of the late Sir Kyffin Williams.

Lights on New Quay’ and ‘Town and Country are two pieces from a collection of works entitled ‘The Bridge that Floods’. The collection depicts some of Eloise’s favourite places in West Wales, and were painted in the Autumn and Winter of 2008 in my studio in Cenarth, Ceredigion. Her art is an emotional response to the landscape, with texture and colour serving as tools to communicate a feeling or a memory rather than a snapshot of reality. Unbounded by rules of perspective, colour and technique, Govier’s art is both free and instinctive.

‘The Lavender Plant and The Shadow’ is the second painting in an on going saga of works that focuses on the lavender plant as a visual metaphor for love. The body of the painting is perforated by fuchsia pink lines that simultaneously confine and define the internal space. The shadow approaches the lavender plant that is in full bloom, whilst the empty green space external to the confinement is both uninviting and uninhabited. The piece has been painted in oil using both brush and knife, the contrasting textures emphasises the difference between the known and unknown spaces.
She can now boast works in private collections all over Wales and in London, St Andrews in Scotland, Kyoto in Japan, Beaujolais in France and Verona in Italy.

Welcome to her Fluorescent-tinted Wales.