Elizabeth Picton

Elizabeth Picton is a contemporary artist from Wales with a background in textiles & teaching. Since graduating in fine art she has worked from her studio at the Printhaus in Cardiff, her current work is primarily concerned with painting & printmaking.

The impetus for making art work usually emerges during her daily walk in the natural landscape, where she experiences a strong sensation of unity with the world.

She makes observations of natural phenomena such as light, archetypal form or the intrinsic geometrical order, rhythm & impermanence in nature.

Over a period of time these perceptions gestate and become intertwined with other memories or subtle influences from her daily life. Elizabeth's art practice is an attempt to meditate upon the inherent symbolism and interconnected nature of her environment.

When she begins a new body of work it is with the intention of making visible her perception. Initially she develops a series of many pieces in different media. The work evolves intuitively through a formal reduction regarding composition and palette. The result is abstract and explores the essence of the idea along with the aesthetic materiality of the materials chosen.