Adrian Bradbury

Adrian Bradbury is an image maker, photographer, digital artist. 

He attended Goldsmiths in London followed by degree in Fine Art at West Surrey College of Art, and then a Post Grad Diploma in Photography. After which he quickly established himself in London as a freelance Fashion and Advertising Photographer working both here and abroad, with a large studio in the heart of Clerkenwell, for a large range of clients : IPC Magazines, H Bauer, Boots, ASDA, M&S, Canon, House of Fraser and others.

The digital revolution saw his work take a new direction producing photo collage type illustrations for NYSE, TNS, SOM, ATL, IOE, THE HOME OFFICE, Open Roads and more.

Throughout this journey the desire to draw and create imagery which owed much to his early paintings grew stronger. Today he is currently exploring abstract colour, based on the theme Coast, combining painting, drawing and digital photography in new and exciting ways, bringing work into being through various steps and processes that combine digital and traditional techniques. 

The work explores the relationship between the abstraction of forms through shape, line and textures. Created from drawings and marks made on location before being combined with textures and other elements digitally, allowing very precise control of the image, in terms of colour and layering.

He is interested in the re-presentation of the real through abstraction that allows for different interpretations to be made by the viewer. The root of the image may come from observation but equally it can also be a discourse between form, line and texture. The way in which the image is ordered, how all the elements are combined and arranged, clearly becomes the driving force.