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  Howard Jones & Louise Collis New Sow 9th September 10.00 - 4.00
  Summer Sale Starts Friday 1st September
  New show "Be Bold for Change" 25th February 2017
"Be Bold for Change" Celebrating International Women's Day Show Starts 25th February 10.00 - 4.00 "Be Bold for Change" is the theme for International Womens' Day, March 8th. Our new show is in celebration of this and women artists. We will be showing an exciting range of art of all media from some talented and exciting names. Sera Knight Sera has been drawing and painting since childhood. She paints mainly in watercolour, acrylic and mixed media. Tackling human figure and perspective has always been her favourite subjects but she also enjoys different subjects where drawing creates a challenge. Regardless of the subject, to be able to use the light cleverly, create a mystical atmosphere together with technical and emotional strength is her aim. Janine Wing Janine is a self taught artist from St.Ives, Cornwall, now living in the wild hills in the Cornish countryside. Her work is mixed media, paper cut collage from images she has been collecting for years. It is very intuitive and often sub-conscious, Janine don't start my work with a finished painting in mind -she lets the paint and images take its own form. Corrie Chiswell Winner of the painting category of Welsh Artist of the Year 2009 Corrie's work is a reflection of personal experience, a fascination with painting the figure and a strong leaning towards surrealism and symbolism which allow her to build a cryptic narrative around her subject. Inspiration comes from literature, dreams, people and the world around her. Corrie creates compositions that are rooted in reality but then goes on to alter that reality through surreal manipulation of the figure, its landscape and perspective. She paints intimate portrayals, often in confined claustrophobic compositions, or figures dominating the landscape of the canvas. Her work is often concerned with ideas of transition, metamorphosis or hybrids which manifest themselves in representational figurative work through to more heavily stylised forms. Janine Thompson Jan Thompson is a trained teacher who has specialised in Art and Design, graduating with First Class honours from The University of Wales in Caerleon. Her enjoyment of art and experimentation is embodied in her use of different media from sculpture in various media, to batik and the use of acrylics. She has travelled widely, including living in the USA for several years and this is the inspiration for her work, which is based on observation of the environment and colour. Other artists include: Judy Stephens Annica Neumiller Elaine Milford Eloise Govier Jen Rowlands Lois Wallace Moira Williams Natalie Paraskeva Samantha Williams Sarah Jane Brown Jane Coombs Francine Davies Sheryl Roberts Louise Collis Sally Williams Jacqueline Alkema Josie McCoy Maja Grecic Karen Hughes Shantal Daw and others!
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