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  Howard Jones & Louise Collis New Sow 9th September 10.00 - 4.00
  Summer Sale Starts Friday 1st September
  New show - Dreams on the Edge Paresh Nrshinga & Andrew McCutcheon- Opens Saturday 10 September
Our next show will dazzle you with colour. Two artists show different ways with their use of colour & mixed media that have proved hugely popular. Paresh Nrshinga was born in Kenya, and at a young age moved to the UK. After numerous years of extensive travel, he is now based in, Hertfordshire. From early childhood, he was already absorbing colours, movements and sounds, transforming them into expressions and motions onto his sketchbooks. His travels around the world combined with his deep spirituality influence his unique paintings, which are masterpieces of original and exceptional talent. Inspired by artists such as Pollock, Warhol, Klimt and Picasso, Paresh's paintings reflect his flirtation with abstract expressionism. Paresh has exhibited widely in galleries in Europe and across the UK. This young artist's work now features in many valuable private and corporate collections worldwide. He has worked together with well-established and prestigious brands such as Bang & Olufsen and has very successfully exhibited in New York & Dubai. His paintings are popular and continue to offer a unique experience of spirituality, music and passion through a journey of emotions and colours. Andrew McCutcheon was a reluctant student of GraphicDesign, but following graduation in 1982 he did embark on a career in design, but clung to the hope that at some stage he would focus his attention on painting. After several years of employment, disillusionment caught up with him once more. However, an escape to the Scottish Highlands provided the time and space for some much needed introspection. Andrew's yearning to paint grew into a compulsion. Although his engagement with the landscape remains deep rooted, his paintings are becoming increasingly intuitive; moving away from subject matter and not anchored by any particular place. Compositions often contain suggestive, figurative links to elements of the land but are soon provoked by non descriptive shapes and patterns. Paintings evolve through a physical process of building and destroying, layering and revealing, balancing chaos with order until shapes, lines and textures emerge and juxtaposed colours interact. 1978 - 79 Dyfed College of Art, Carmarthen: Art Foundation Course 1979 - 82 Bristol Polytechnic: BA (Hons) Graphic Design
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